Ian (maybe_bliss) wrote in emo_request,

Bright Eyes

I don't know if this counta as recommending a particular song, but what Bright Eyes album would you recommend to buy? Lifted?
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wow this is a little late but yeah lifted (or the story is in the soil keep your ear to the ground (it has 2 names i guess?)) is a great album. well if you ask me.
Haha yeah, I bought the album a few weeks ago.
Do you like it?
Poppin'. Eh. Don't mind me. Popped into my head.
I was just browsing communities and I had to comment--Lifted isn't the best (in my personal opinion). A lot of his old stuff...(AKA 'Fevers and Mirrors' and 'Letting off the Happiness') is much more raw and personal. I think that's better. Lifted definitely shows his folk-music transition as well.

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Lifted's definately a good album. I'd probably buy Digital Ash in a Digital Urn and I'm Wide Awake It's Morning too if you've got the funds.